Complex house


小さな小部屋が連なる集合住宅のような、長屋のような住宅。それぞれの小さな小部屋は、日当たりの良い南側に聞き耳をたてるように開口し、市松に連なることで、それぞれが小さな家としても捉えられるような空間を構想。それらは下階で溶け合い、重なり合って家族の共有スペースへと統合していきます。考えてみると家族は最も小さな社会的集団の単位でもあり、小さな集合住宅のように住宅をつくることは、個人という意識が家庭内でも自然に尊重される現代では、当たり前に有効な手法なのかもしれない。(WAN House of the Year 2011 受賞)

We examine a row of small rooms towards the depth on demand of a client who wants many small rooms.

After the order fixed, we examined each width depending on suitable scales of the rooms.

We edit composition of the sections.

They melt together or overlap each other on the first floor and are integrated in the space for the family. Come to think of it, a family is the smallest unit of social groups and to build a house like this way might be natural consequence and effective way in the time that individuality is naturally respected among his or her family. Besides, we take client apart to individuals at the same way of planning "complex house". Then we examine and express clearly the rules or orders for them to let each of them essentially participate to the planning process. In this way, we could propose such dwelling space that somewhat different from existing one.