Re Slope House


(第60回大阪建築コンクール 渡辺節賞, 2017 日本建築学会作品選集新人賞)

Site around is called Suwayama in Kobe, originally
was a slope to south connecting the sea and the
mountains, the sea breeze and land breeze blows
alternately, it can be seen that it was a terrain filled
with light and green.

Slope has been gradually construction.
This slope has been changed to landscape that are
lined up houses forcibly to compete for light and
Therefore, the houses are protruding to compete on
the slopes, like this development is currently in

Old house that was in place of this site also divided
the slope as well as around the house, had been
pushed out to compete with the surrounding
houses, so stopped the wind along the slope.

Start of this plan began to dismantle the old house.
We did not forcibly dismantled the existing foundation
that holds the soil, and planed to inherit this to
the new house.
It means the history as the slope of this locationsuch
is updated little by little...

While taking the existing foundation, we designed
the configuration of living space like stage of stairs
to restore the original slope, and floated open roof
on top as tracing the ridge line of the original slope.
Thus, the slope which had been severed is restored
again, we achieved connecte the wind of surrounding
including the new residence and create new
environment that can share the sunlight.
We explored to restore the slope and the way of
architecture nestling on the slopes
having the manners by which other animals
establish a home in a slope.